One of the most popular, well-studied and safe cosmetic treatments of all time, Botox Cosmetic has become a household name synonymous with youth. This medical treatment involves injections of small amounts of a highly purified, concentrated protein into very specific parts of facial muscles. The result is a softer, relaxed and refreshed appearance to your facial expression at rest and with animation, and lines and wrinkles can be diminished or even erased over time.*

Common areas to treat include the frown lines at the root of the nose between the eyes, horizontal lines of the forehead, and radial lines around the eyes also known as “crow’s feet”. Botox Cosmetic can be used to improve “bunny lines” around the nose, turn the corners of the mouth up, lift the eyebrows slightly, and improve bands of muscle at the neck.

Botox Cosmetic is also used to decrease sweating. People who have excessive sweating in their armpits note a dramatic improvement following a Botox treatment. Sweating of the hands can also be effectively treated with Botox.

A brief consultation with Dr. McIntosh can help you further understand how a Botox Cosmetic treatment would benefit you. Dr. McIntosh personally does every treatment, so you will never be injected by anyone other than the plastic surgeon himself.

Botox Procedure by Dr. Bryan C. McIntosh, MD

What cosmetic use of Botox DOES NOT do:

  • Paralyze or freeze your face
  • Poison you
  • Fill in deep lines and wrinkles (see injectable fillers)
  • Create abnormal facial expressions
  • Prevent you from smiling

What cosmetic use of Botox DOES do:

  • Decreases forehead lines
  • Minimizes frown lines
  • Prevents crow’s feet
  • Decreases headaches
  • Leaves your face relaxed and refreshed

The reality is that the vast majority of patients who try Botox Cosmetic, enjoy the results so much that they never want to discontinue their treatments. It is highly effective, extremely safe, and completely non-surgical with no down time.*

We offer special discounts and incentives frequently, so give our office a call to find out why everyone is raving about Botox Cosmetic by Dr. McIntosh.


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