How are Breast Reconstruction Surgeries Performed?

Depending on the amount of tissue left after your mastectomy, the doctor will make a flap to support the implant. There are a few options for flaps:

  • TRAM Flap uses donor muscle, fat and tissue from the woman’s abdomen to reconstruct the breasts.
  • DIEP or SGAP flaps use no muscle but instead only the fat and tissue from the abdomen or buttock to create a flap for the new breast.
  • Latissimus Dorsi Flap uses muscle, fat and tissue from the back.

Once the flap is created, it will take multiple surgeries to slowly expand the tissue for the permanent implant. Some people choose to only use the flap for their new breasts, but many of Dr. McIntosh’s patients additionally choose a saline or silicone implant. Finally, a skin graft is used to create a nipple and areola.

After the final procedure, there is minimal downtime, and scarring is barely visible over time. With the completion of the procedure, there is little discomfort for most patients. Schedule your consultation with Dr. McIntosh as his Bellevue office to have all your questions and answered, and begin recovering your womanly body after an emotionally painful mastectomy.

How Much Does Breast Reconstruction Cost?

The cost of this procedure is very dependent on the extent of the reconstruction that patient is looking for and if this includes an implant. Dr. McIntosh is able to discuss all of this with you at your initial consultation. In addition, he offers his Bellevue and surrounding Seattle area patients the option to finance, and he accepts all major credit cards.

Am I a Good Candidate for Breast Reconstruction?

If you have undergone a mastectomy while battling cancer, then you may be the perfect candidate for this procedure. After discussing your medical history, Dr. McIntosh can inform you if you are in a good state for this procedure, at your initial consultation.

After suffering emotional and physical damage to your body while battling breast cancer, many women have turned to Dr. McIntosh to help restore their womanly curves. If you too are looking to find your voluptuous figure once more, take a look at the amazing results our Bellevue breast reconstruction patients have seen from their surgeries.

Dr. Bryan C. McIntosh urges his patients to remember that your comfort with the surgeon is equally as important as the cost of the entire procedure. Dr. McIntosh would like a chance to meet with you and discuss the results you want to ensure that this is the right choice for you and your body. All of your options will be carefully reviewed between Dr. McIntosh and yourself before your breast reconstruction surgery, guaranteeing each patient’s utmost comfort. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for your breast reconstruction surgery and discuss all of your options.


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