However, unlike women, men desire breasts that are smaller, more defined, and toned. Gynecomastia can be treated by liposuction or by direct surgical excision of the extra breast tissue. Sagging breasts due to aging or significant weight loss require removal of the extra skin.

The ideal male body is more chiseled and toned. Liposuction can be done to remove stubborn fatty deposits. Body etching can also be done by liposuction to more fully define muscle contours.

A man’s face should also be clean and clear. Lines and wrinkles can be improved. Facial scars can be diminished. Heavy and baggy eyelids can be lifted and tightened. The skin of the face and neck can be toned to reduce jowling and to provide a sharp angle at the jaw and neck lines.

Common Plastic surgery procedures for men include:

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